Therapy Dog visits Early Learning

Children enjoyed learning about Charlie and all the things he can do.

Many of the Bundaluk and Burraga children were interested in meeting Charlie (a chocolate coloured labradoodle) who visited our Early Learning Centre with his owner Dahlia on Wednesday 31 May.

The children learned about the signs of a happy dog, such as a wagging tail. Charlie wagged his tail lots during the visit and Dahlia joked that Charlie’s tail doesn’t have an off switch!

The children also learned about only approaching a dog if the owner gives permission. The children practiced holding out their hand (in a fist) facing down to say hello, giving the dog a chance to sniff their hand.

Charlie is well trained, and was able to “sit” and “drop” (lay on his tummy) when his owner Dahlia gave these commands. He has a soft coat that the children loved petting. Dahlia taught the children not to pet dogs on their faces, but to pet the other parts of their bodies – especially behind the ears where dogs find it tricky to reach!

The children enjoyed the visit with Charlie. We look forward to welcoming Luna (therapy dog) and her owner Liz to the Jungaa and Garrawan groups later this term.