Teamwork and perseverance at Duke of Ed Camp

IGS Duke of Edinburgh students have demonstrated resilience, confidence, perseverance, an appreciation for the natural environment, and most importantly, team work at their recent camp.

A group of 52 Year 9 students set off for four days camping in beautiful bushland at Biloela Camp Grounds, while the remaining students participated in a variety of outdoor activities at Tallong in the Southern Highlands.

The students were completing their Bronze Expedition as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards program. Due to recent wet weather, the expedition needed to be moved from Kangaroo Valley to the Belanglo State Forest in the Southern Highlands.

“Working in small groups, students had to plan and organise a walking expedition to three different campsites, before eventually returning to base camp on the final day,” said Deputy Head of High School Fabian Mandrini.

“On arrival, the group spent time training and understanding the local terrain and, once complete, the final two days were given over to students to lead their group to predetermined destinations.

“The expedition was physically challenging, involving a 30 km hike carrying heavy packs over four days. Not only did they develop map reading, compass and navigation skills, but they also had the responsibility to cook for themselves over an open fire. Meals included pasta with meatballs, a stew and a curry!

“We are incredibly proud of these students for completing an impressive walking distance, demonstrating many valuable skills and showing resilience, confidence, perseverance and an appreciation for the natural environment – as well as, most importantly, that they could work together as a team. All students finished the week with big smiles and good memories from the expedition.”