Students launch new school newspaper

Meet the new team of dedicated student journalists at IGS.

Did you know that IGS has a student newspaper?

The IGS Telegraph was launched late last year and has since released two bumper editions that cover everything from politics and entertainment to sports and school news.

“I always wanted more of a student voice to the journalism at IGS,” said the newspaper’s co-founder and co-editor Max.

Both in Year 8, Max and his co-founder and co-editor Artemisia (Artie) first had the idea for the IGS Telegraph when they were in Year 6, and have found producing the newspaper to be both a challenging and rewarding experience. 

“When we launched the first edition I ran to every single tutor group in the school and made an announcement so that people got the message that this exists, and be interested in it!” explained Max, who is currently working with his team to produce a third edition that will be released at the beginning of next term. 

Co-founders of The IGS Telegraph Max and Artie
Co-founders of The IGS Telegraph Max and Artie

“After we released the first edition we realised we needed to diversify the content a bit. These days we do entertainment articles, movie reviews, unbiased political commentary, and school news, and we are always looking to branch out into new areas.”

Max and Artie meet with English Teacher Jarrod Martin and the other writers and contributors on Mondays at lunchtime to discuss and plan future editions. 

“I want the IGS Telegraph to be something regular, something that integrates into IGS life that people can look forward to. At the moment we release once a month and people get excited about it! People keep asking me, “when’s the third edition going to come out?”. 

To read the latest edition of the IGS Telegraph visit this link or if you are interested in contributing please fill out this form or contact Max, Artie or Mr Martin.