Step into the world of Kaleidoscope Kids!

First episode available now

Today marks the release of our first episode of Kaleidoscope Kids, a podcast series curated by IGS students. Kaleidoscope Kids aims to captivate young minds, promote empathy, and encourage language learning… all things that encapsulate the IGS way.



Listen to Kaleidoscope Kids Here

Kaleidoscope Kids is led by IGS students from the ELC to Year 12 and for the past six months, students have either volunteered their time during lunch hours or have recorded content during lesson time.

As part of our School’s Creative Internship program a group of Year 10 students visited Ultimo TAFE and explored their podcasting studios.

Last year, the Music Department held a competition from K-12 to write a jingle for Kaleidoscope Kids and our winners came from Year 4.  When you listen to the first episode, you will hear their winning recording and shortly, we’ll have these budding songwriters in the studio to record it professionally.

Our first episode takes listeners on a journey with engaging interviews, a global guest and last year’s Year 7 students interviewing their classmates in Italian. Each episode of Kaleidoscope Kids will be released on Friday afternoon and it will have a focus on Languages and Culture, Arrival Stories and Language Learning. 

This is only the beginning of Kaleidoscope Kids and we are looking forward to more students joining the podcast during the year. 

New episodes will be released weekly!

The launch of Kaleidoscope Kids at the beginning of the School’s 40th anniversary year is a great way to celebrate being 40 Years Young.