Sponsor children continue to thrive

IGS Staff have received updates from their World Vision sponsor children in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

This week IGS staff were excited to receive updates from their World Vision Sponsor Children.

World Vision’s Child Sponsorship Program helps children living in disadvantaged regions to escape poverty by transforming the world in which they live – their family, their community and their local area.

IGS staff currently sponsors three children living in rural communities in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Indonesia. The updates provided a small snap-shot into the lives of the children, explaining how old they are, their general health and wellbeing, their educational achievements and what benefits they and their families have received from the sponsorship program.

According to World Vision the socio-economic fallout from COVID-19 has intensified the daily struggles of vulnerable children and families everywhere, however thanks to donations like those made by IGS staff World Vision has been able to implement initiatives to mitigate these impacts. 

In the community of Nada, Indonesia where 14 year-old sponsor child Fabianus lives these initiatives have included everything from the provision of school supplies to the implementation of a child protection awareness campaign.

Staff are pleased to sponsor the children, as part of our commitment to connectedness to the world and education.