Language Camp ‘sooooo fun!’

Several Year 6 students have shown their gratitude for the recent IGS Language Camp.

See some of their messages below:

“Thank you so much for organizing Language Camp! I had lots of fun and enjoyed every bit of it. I know it wasn’t just you that put lots of time and effort into organising it, so I also thank all the other language teachers for doing so.

“I am very sad that this year was my first and last Language Camp, but I am so happy that I actually got to go to one because it was so much fun! Once again, Grazie per tutto!”

“Hello teachers,
Thank you so much for taking care of us at language camp. You made it one of the funnest times of my life! I loved all the activities you set up for us and it was really funny when Frau Missio came in with the superhelden [superhero] music to wake us up!

“I made so many new friends from that experience and I got to know some of the kids from Years 4 and 5, I also got to know some of my friends better!

“I didn’t want language camp to end, it was soooooo fun! I just wanted to say thankyou to all the teachers who put this together and made this happen. I am so grateful!!!!”

“Thank you for organising language camp and for putting the time and effort even with all the twists and turns this term like the week were most students were off sick (including me) but anyway thank you for making language camp possible.”

Acting Director of Languages and French and Spanish Teacher Teresa Alonso-Lasheras has looked back on Term 1 with pride.

“We are glad about the many things we have managed to teach and learn in our classes, and we particularly feel proud to have been able to go on Languages camp with students in Years 4 to 6,” she said.

“For the past two years, camp had to be cancelled, due to the weather conditions and to COVID restrictions.

“We are glad our Year 6 students will not leave Primary School without having experience Languages Camp, a milestone for students look back at with fond memories as they move into their senior years. 

“I want to thank all teachers who attended the camp. It takes a lot of work to organise a camp which is fully designed by our teachers. Their creativity, collegiality and sense of humour makes it always a highlight for us all teachers.”