Skye achieves third place in State

IGS Class of 2021 alumna Skye Paterson has placed third in the State in Spanish Beginners.

Skye described herself as “somewhat incredulous” on hearing the news.

“I never thought out of all the kids in the state doing a language that I would be so close to the top!” she said.

“I really loved Spanish before even taking it as a subject, so I really got into it outside of class! I would listen to lots of Spanish music, watch Spanish tv shows with subtitles, and sometimes practise speaking in Spanish with some online Spanish friends.

“So I suppose my ‘secret’ is finding ways to enjoy your subject in other areas of your life, especially if it’s a language.”
Skye plans to take a gap year this year. I’m hoping to find success in work and hopefully I’m able to travel to New York and Europe like I’ve always wanted.

“Beyond that, I’m hoping I make plenty of friends and have lots of enjoyable experiences at university. I’d like to thank Ms Braun for teaching Spanish to not only myself, but also Catherine who came second in the State! She is evidently a phenomenal teacher who everyone should want teaching them a language.”

Congratulations to Skye, Catherine and every member of the IGS Class of 2021 and their teachers for their achievements.