Safety lessons in Early Learning

In the final week of Term 1, children in Early Learning extended their knowledge and understanding of safety, with special visits from the crews Pyrmont fire brigade.

The fire and rescue emergency workers engaged the children in a number of experiences and discussions sharing important safety information including:

  • Fire and emergency worker uniforms and equipment including their oxygen mask, helmet and gloves.
  • Fire and emergency workers are people who help us, especially in emergencies. Firefighters help keep us safe.
  • If you hear a smoke alarm signal to say in a loud voice “Fire, fire, fire” then to get down low and “go, go go”. Children practised crawling when they heard the smoke alarm signal.
  • Children learned about looking for a firefighter if crawling out of a fire and to approach the firefighter for help.
  • If clothes catch on fire, children learned to cover their face with their hands then “stop, drop and roll”.
  • If you crawl out of a fire, you don’t go back in for any reason. Wait outside in a safe place. This could be near your letterbox, until a firefighter arrives.
  • Tell the firefighters if there’s anyone or a pet inside the building on fire.

The children were able to have a turn holding the water hose. The firefighters demonstrated the lights and sirens on the truck.

They also explained the special Indigenous artwork on the truck painted by an Aboriginal Elder. Each truck has the area written on the side, for example “City of Sydney, Eora Nation”.

Following their visit, a small group of children reflected and shared what they enjoyed about the event.