Reading Buddies build connections

Year 9 students have been volunteering to read with our Year 1 students in our Year 9 Reading Buddies program. 

During Term 3, participants in the Year 9 Reading Buddies program were assigned to a Year 1 class for two periods a week to assist with reading in small groups.


The Year 1 students enjoyed the presence of our Year 9 students in their classrooms, and for many of our Year 9 participants, the experience has helped foster their interest in childhood education.

This has proved to be a rich experience for all involved, and we thank our Year 9 volunteers for making a positive contribution within the School and providing a positive role model to younger students.

Thank you to Beatrix Black, Delphine Labancz, Piper Spring, Charlotte Taussig-Beattie, , Isabelle Glass, Melody Pyke, Alessia Savi, Willow Gjessing, Jalynda Cutmore and Marci Conaty-Hughes for their participation in the program.