Proficient Teacher Accreditation awarded to Tina

Congratulations to IGS Mathematics Teacher Tina Liu on achieving her proficient teaching accreditation.

Head of Teacher Accreditation and Development High School Irina Braun congratulated Tina on her efforts.

“I am grateful to be able to work with inspiring teachers like Tina Liu in my role as Head of Teacher Accreditation. Tina achieved an important milestone in the career of a teacher. Her evidence portfolio is exemplary and testimony to her understanding of the domains of teaching,” Irina said.

Tina added that Irina is an amazing supervisor and “gave me a lot of feedback that has improved my teaching practice. I am very grateful that she spent so much time and effort in reading through my evidence, writing my evaluation report and giving me valuable advice and support. She made the accreditation process a very smooth one for me!”

Well done, Tina!