English Extension 2 student honoured with highest recognition

IGS alum Eliot Tompkins (2021) was recently feted with the highest honours that can be bestowed on a student in the English Extension 2 course.

Eliot’s Critical Response Major Work on the Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges, entitled Jorge Luis Borges and the Fading Light was among the top-scoring English Extension 2 works in NSW in 2021. As a consequence, it was selected for publication in NESA’s Young Writers Showcase.

“Eliot embodied all the key qualities of an English Extension 2 student,” IGS Head of English and Philosophy Thom Marchbank says. “He was curious, tenacious, and committed to refining his writing. He really engaged in a brilliant and clever way with the intellectually rigorous short fiction of Borges, so I am delighted to see him recognised with his inclusion in Showcase.”

We congratulate Eliot on his superb achievement, and look forward to seeing more of his writing in the world in the future.