Pawesome Comeback

The PAWS Pet Therapy program is set to return to IGS in 2024. This much-anticipated event will feature the furry companionship of therapy dogs Dahlia with Charlie and Andrea with Rocky, spreading joy and providing invaluable comfort to children at the School. The therapy sessions are scheduled to commence on 7 February and continue onwards.

The return of these lovable therapy dogs marks a significant milestone in the ongoing commitment to the emotional well-being of students at IGS. The positive impact of animal-assisted therapy on children’s mental health and overall development is well-documented, making the PAWS Pet Therapy program a cherished and eagerly awaited tradition at the school.

Dahlia and Charlie, along with Andrea and Rocky, are not just adorable canine companions; they are specially trained therapy dogs with a unique ability to connect with children. The unconditional love and acceptance that these furry friends offer create a safe and supportive environment for students, fostering emotional resilience and a sense of comfort.

Numerous studies have highlighted the benefits of therapy dogs in educational settings, particularly for children. Interacting with these gentle animals has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels, improve mood, and enhance social skills. The non-judgmental and affectionate nature of dogs creates a therapeutic space where children feel at ease expressing their thoughts and emotions.

The presence of therapy dogs has been linked to improved concentration and focus, leading to enhanced academic performance. This is especially crucial in school environments where students may face various challenges that can impact their overall well-being and academic success. The program not only brings smiles to the faces of the children but also serves as a reminder of IGS’s commitment to holistic education that goes beyond traditional classroom learning.