Nominations open for IGS Alum of the Year 2024

Paul Galea is calling for IGS Alum of the Year 2024 nominations from the wider IGS community.

“Hello everyone in the wider IGS community. We are looking for nominations for the IGS Alum of the Year 2024! We are seeking assistance in identifying and celebrating past students of IGS who are doing worthwhile things out there in the real world. Parents, ex-parents of IGS students, Alums, staff, former staff and students please let me know if you are aware of people worthy of nomination!”

We are looking for people who are making a difference in their community. They could be a doctor, a scientist, an artist, an activist, a journalist, someone in philanthropy or anyone who is making the world a better place. Any and all would be welcome as a nomination. So if you think you know someone who has done great things in the wider community, let’s highlight their achievements!

To nominate an ex-IGS student as Alum of the Year 2024, send an email to Paul Galea with about 50 to 100 words, explaining why you have nominated this particular person. If possible include a photo or two.

The criteria are as follows:

1. The candidates must be nominated by a member of the IGS community. Nominations are anonymous.

2. The candidate should have made a significant difference in their community.

3. The candidate should exemplify the IGS core values of Diversity, Personal Achievement, Connectedness, Vibrancy and Authenticity.

“Below are two examples of nominations for 2022 Alum of the Year, Nicholas Jordan (2006) and an example of the nomination of 2023 Alum of the Year, Ben Gran (2009). They will give you an idea of what is required,” says Ms Galea.

Nicholas Jordan

‘Whether I had a unique video idea or wanted to implement fresh changes to Blitz, he was always there, enthusiastic to help. He would come early, stay late after shoots, or offer advice, and always had time for a chat, whether that be with me, or any other members of Blitz. Considering how well we got along, it wasn’t a surprise then when I found out he was an Alum of IGS.

He is also currently working on a startup that helps people find community-rated restaurants focusing on a diversity of cuisine called Have You Eaten which seems to be going well.’

‘Nick is the most community-oriented and connected person in my life. He is engaged with diverse groups of people based on a wide range of shared loves. His work in food media has been featured in a range of publications, and his commitment to engaging with the communities who brought their culture and cuisines to Australia has opened the eyes of readers to a rich and rewarding element of the food we all enjoy.

Nick is committed to elevating the voices of others, including in his work with Diversity in Food Media; the Have You Eaten app and website; the Local Knowledge column for Broadsheet Sydney; and as publications coordinator at UNSW ARC where he supports student editors of university publications. He has taught ethics to primary school students and taught us all about the art of friendship and community!’

Ben Gran

“I would like to nominate Ben Gram (2009) for Alum of the year. Ben is an IGS alum who currently works as a Nurse anesthetist at Helsinki University Hospital where he works on breast cancer surgeries. He is also the Community Developer at Metropolitan Entrepreneurship Society, which aims to develop a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs to build a more positive and sustainable future. Ben has a passion for the future of healthcare development and recently gave a TED talk that has amassed almost 1 million views where he makes a compelling case for integrating nurses and their invaluable insights and experience into health tech innovation to help make care (and the process of providing it) better for generations to come. As the globe grapples with a healthcare crisis in the form of the pandemic, and in Australia nurses are leaving the profession in unprecedented numbers due to overwork, burnout and low wages Ben’s work could not be more needed. The school should be very proud of him!”

The 2024 IGS Alum of the Year will be selected by a three-person committee made up of The Principal, The Director of Advancement and a long-term and respected staff member. 

If available, the winner will attend Speech Night 2024 for a short acknowledgment of their achievements and to receive their trophy. There is also a perpetual trophy, that remains at the School. 

Please, send an email to Paul Galea with about 50 to 100 words, explaining why you have nominated this particular person. If possible include a photo or two.

IGS is looking forward to what our community can come up with!