New Early Learners explore and play

This year we’ve been delighted to offer an Orientation and Transition program to our 2023 Early Learners and their families before they commence.

“Well planned orientations can reduce the impact of change for young children starting early education for the first time, or those who may be changing services to join us at IGS next year,” said Head of School Early Learning Sarah Herbert.

Parents and carers with children commencing at Early Learning in 2023 joined us for an information evening and open classrooms in October. Following this, more than 25 families each week joined our series of Explore and Play sessions in the Centre held on Tuesday mornings over the past three weeks.

“The sessions have given children a chance to explore their new environment,” Sarah said.

“Children have begun to develop a relationship with staff, and met other children at the Centre with the security of having their parents or carer close by.”

Many conversations have taken place with the children and their families, to build strong relationships.

“We’ve thoroughly enjoyed beginning to get to know children and their families in this way and look forward to the final orientation session on Monday 30 January 2023.

“In their final session, early next year, children will meet their new teachers, spend time in their new Early Learning classroom and meet other new children commencing in their group. We can’t wait!

Passing on the gift of languages

Among the new parents and carers was one who attended IGS as a child from Early Learning through to High School.

“We love this connection with our School’s history from its earliest days! Catherine Harding spoke about her grandfather speaking seven languages and her own experience learning a second language at IGS.

“The gift of learning a second language will now be passed on to Catherine’s daughter Odessa.”

IGS and ‘belonging’

The Early Years Learning Framework explains that “experiencing belonging – knowing where and with whom you belong – is integral to human existence”.

We hope that through the explore and play sessions children and their families are already feeling a sense of connection and belonging to our friendly IGS community!