Netball Superstar Lala

Year 6 student Kallarah (Lala) Marr has been selected to play for the Budgies, a prestigious junior netball team.

Congratulations to Year 6 student Kallarah (Lala) Marr, a talented junior netballer who has proudly been selected to play for the Budgies — an Indigenous team that competes in the International Schoolgirls Netball Championship.

Over the holidays Lala participated in a five-day Indigenous netball tournament held in the Gold Coast, playing for the NSW Echidnas with girls from all over NSW.

Her team progressed through the tournament undefeated and came out victorious in the nail-biting Grand final against WA, winning by only 1 point. 

After her performance in the tournament, Lala was given the opportunity to try out for the Budgies, a team made up of girls from all over Australia to play high-level netball. 

Lala, who is 11, was asked to trial for the 13s combined side and was selected. This is a huge achievement considering she was competing against girls two years older than her.

Her selection to the team will see Lala compete across Australia and the world this year, playing against other countries and the top school teams in Australia. 

“We are all extremely proud of her and we know she won’t tell anyone about it,” said Head of Indigenous Education Jade Carr of our super talented, super humble student. 

Congratualtions, Lala. We are so proud of you!