Music to their ears in Early Learning

The Year 6 String Quartet visited Early Learning in Week 6 for a special music concert.

Year 6 students Ray, James, Christian and their Music Tutor Ursula Luxton put on a vibrant and engaging concert, performing songs that the children were familiar with, including Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Early Learning children were bopping, kicking their feet and clapping their hands as the students performed.

“There was a calm, relaxed and joyous vibe from our Early Learners as they had the opportunity to listen to this live performance,” said Head of Early Learning Sarah Herbert.

“To prepare for the performance we talked about how to be a great audience, and at the end of the performance the Year 6 students spoke to the children about fond memories of their time in Early Learning (several years ago!) and an interest in learning to play the violin starting from that time.”

We thank Year 6 students Ray, James and Christian for sharing their love for music with Early Learning.