Memories from Tokyo

Two IGS students of Japanese students travelled to Tokyo for three weeks this January.

Welcome home to Namh Elliot of Year 12 and Christopher Czernecki of Year 11 who recently returned from their three-week exchange program in Japan. 

Namh and Cristopher both attended the Tamagawa Academy in Tokyo for three weeks this January and lived with Japanese host families during their visit. 

“The most memorable part of my Japanese exchange program was the various traditional cultural experiences that the School organised for us,” said Christopher.

He enjoyed the chance to attend a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, try his hand at Aikido (a modern Japanese martial art) and play the Shamisen (a three-stringed traditional Japanese guitar). 

Christopher and Namh also enjoyed many exciting cultural experiences outside of school with their host families, with Cristopher noting he particularly loved attending a Sumo match. 

Located in Machida, Tokyo, Tamagawa Academy has a lot of similarities to IGS, being an independent and co-educational school with a focus on providing students with an international education. Interestingly, Tamagawa Academy offers education from primary school to university. 

Both Christopher and Namh enjoyed their time immensely, saying it really improved their language skills as they head into their final years of high schooling at IGS. 

Congratulations to both students for being fantastic ambassadors for both IGS and Australia during their time in Japan.

IGS enjoys long-standing exchange partnerships with a number of schools around the globe.