Meet our Head of Kindergarten to Year 2

Julia Preece leads the School’s team of specialised early years educators with an emphasis on enhancing student development and wellbeing.

At IGS, Heads of Stages such as Head of Kindergarten to Year 2 Julia Preece are specialists in their field of childhood development.

Julia has extensive experience as an educator and leader in coeducational schools and loves working at IGS. She is also an IGS parent, with her son learning German after commencing in the Early Learning Centre.


“The early years are my passion and greatest area of expertise, although I have taught all grades from Kindergarten to Year 6,” Julia said.

“I am passionate about early literacy and numeracy skills, personalised learning for all students and providing innovative learning opportunities which meet the ever changing needs of our modern learners.

“I believe in strong wellbeing programs where students learn how to collaborate, problem solve, think critically and develop resilience and perseverance skills.

​​”The continuity of personalised learning from the Early Learning setting to Kindergarten is something I am a strong advocate for; building on those early years experiences is very important in ensuring a successful transition to school.

“The transition to Kindergarten is a significant event for children, families and educators and at IGS we provide a bespoke approach through our ‘Beginning to Belonging’ program. 

“I love learning, and constantly strive to find the best evidence-based research practices to help inform teaching and learning for our students.” Julia said.