Karate champs

Hard work pays off for students.

Congratulations to Isabella of Year 7 and William of Year 6 for successfully achieving their Junior 1st Dan Black Belts with Jin Sei Ryu Karate-Do Australia.

Their comprehensive and exhausting promotion exam lasted for more than three hours and covered all aspects of their syllabus, including basic techniques, self-defenses, pre-determined floor exercises, a personal speech, and 12 rounds of sparring.

Isabella and William both started their training in Year 1 as part of the IGS Primary After-School Activities Program. Through the years, they participated in classes either on Monday and/or Thursday afternoons and slowly progressed through the ranks. Recently they started taking classes at the main karate school (dojo) in Darlington.

The Karate Program has been running for over 15 years at IGS, with almost 1,000 IGS students from Year 1 through Year 12 participating in this structured physical activity through the years.

Several students from IGS Primary and High School have achieved their Black Belts, and some have even won Australian and International titles.