IPSHA Debating success

The IGS Primary School debating team are wrapping up their season of IPSHA debating.

Over the course of Term 2 and 3, students debated on the topics Classics vs Modern popular literature for teaching in schools.

Last week, Friday 19 August, students competed at Mosman Prep, where they argued the negative and won their debate on the topic: That we should only use popular modern books to teach English (eg: Harry Potter)

“Over Terms 2 and 3, we have hosted and been the visitors to Mosman Prep, Loreto, and St Aloysius to name a few schools. The squad have certainly honed their ability to define, argue and speak with confidence and success! We have won more debates than lost and many have commented on the quality of content and clever presentation skills that have many audience members and adjudicators sold on the IGS case,” said Year 4 Teacher Catherine Swinton.

“Another great thing about debating is the opportunity to meet other kids and be in different schools. Mr Bennett and I have been so very proud, witnessing our debaters approaching the opposition with a handshake, smile and complement for their efforts. Of course, the teams would agree that perhaps the best thing about debating is sharing afternoon tea with fellow debaters. Hands down…our offerings could be judged as the best when we host thanks to Patty’s canteen options.”

Congratulations to Year 5 debaters, Flinte, Serge, Thomas and Gen.

Congratulations to Year 6 debaters, Olivia, Asher and Claire.