IGS washes well

IGS has met a best practice benchmark for water usage according to a recent Sustainable Futures water audit.

“Sustainable Futures conducted a water audit with the help of Future Fixers Water Consultants and found that we are managing our water resources effectively,” said Head of Sustainability Carmelo Fedele.

“It identified our current water usage practices and cost-effective water reduction opportunities. The audit found the school to be very efficient, with an average usage of 8.8 litres per student per day compared to the baseline for schools of 12 litres per student per day.

“A small number of actions were proposed to improve water efficiency by 7.5 per cent, including continuing the monitoring of our water meters to identify future potential baseflow events.”

The automatic taps that we have installed save five litres every time they’re used, and the School meets the best practice water efficiency benchmark.”

IGS thanks Sydney Water for the grant to perform this audit.

Well done to Sustainable Futures!