IGS student chalks up firsts in 2 HSC courses!

IGS Dux of 2021 Therese Briganti has topped the State in both Chinese Continuers and French Beginners.

Therese’s extraordinary achievements follow her 2020 accelerated HSC results of fifth in the State in Italian Continuers and second in the State in Italian Extension when she was in Year 11.

To achieve first in course and top places across three languages is extraordinary. 

“I was very lucky,” Therese has said of her HSC successes. Therese leapt into languages in her earliest years of schooling at International Grammar School where the unique languages program immerses all students in an additional language every day, from Preschool.

“I had amazing teachers to support me, especially in lockdown. It was hard to stay motivated, but my teachers put in a huge effort to keep us motivated and working hard, which obviously paid off.”

Therese was one of only eight students in NSW to achieve first place in two courses.

She said accelerating in some of her courses in 2020 had given her an excellent feel for what the HSC would entail in 2021.

She said she discovered it could be fun and not scary, and she wanted to keep doing her best, to show how much she had appreciated everything she’d been learning.

Therese said she was “very surprised, very happy and very proud” of her achievements.

Sharing tips for fellow students, she advised “developing a very solid study routine”.

“For Chinese, I set aside an hour or so every morning,” she said.

“Find ways of studying that don’t feel like study, such as listening to music, watching movies and reading books.”

She also advised doing plenty of past papers and listening to teachers’ feedback and applying it to make continuing improvements.

Therese had hoped to take a gap year this year but expects to put it off for now. Instead, she plans to study either International and Global Studies or Combined Arts/Law at the University of Sydney, with her sights possibly set on working for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade as a diplomat.

“We could not be more proud of Therese, an extraordinary student who has made the most of every opportunity at our School,” said IGS Principal Shauna Colnan.

“We warmly congratulate you, Therese, and wish you all the very best for your future.”

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