IGS joins International Junior Ethics Olympiad

Five IGS Year 6 students wrestled with big questions at the international Junior School Ethics Olympiad.

The Ethics Olympiad included children from 24 schools in Australia and from overseas. Our students competed with students in Victoria and Hong Kong.

“The Ethics Olympiad is a unique program for developing skills and fostering an interest in ethical understandings in young people,” said Year 4 Teacher Teresa Bertoli.

“Unlike a debate, in the Ethics Olympiad this week, students were not assigned opposing views; rather, they defended whatever position they believed was right and won points by showing that they had thought more carefully, deeply, and perceptively about the cases in question.

“The event encouraged and promoted ethical awareness, critical thinking skills, civil discourse, international engagement, and an appreciation for diverse points of view.”

After the event, some of the students shared their comments.

Audrey: I really liked participating in the Ethics Olympiad yesterday. I loved meeting kids from around Australia and discussing the different topics with them and the judges.

Nikhil: I really enjoyed the Ethics Olympiad. I found the whole experience very interesting, the questions were difficult and some of them were very thought provoking. I also thought the other teams did a great job.  

Claire: The Ethics Olympiad was a really fun experience for me, I am grateful for the opportunity. The Olympiad went differently than I expected it to go, which made it more fun.

“Our students came tenth among the competing teams,” said IGS Teacher Ms Trottmann.

“What a wonderful result!” said Mrs Bertoli.

We congratulate all involved for broadening their horizons.