IGS full of language teachers!

Almost 100 language teachers from around Australia gathered at the IGS Bibliothèque for their annual conference before Term 3 began.

They were greeted by Noriko Yamanaka who performed a music item before the formal presentations began. 

Some of the key speakers Zoomed into the Bibliothèque from around the world.

On Friday 15 July, IGS hosted the annual conference of the MLTA (Modern Language Teachers’ Association). This year’s theme was Learning for all.

The conference included a variety of presentations and workshops such as an update on the NSW curriculum reform, how memory works and how to avoid information overload in language teaching.

Among the delegates were eight IGS language teachers and even some from language teachers from other states who participated in a variety of workshops.

We thank IGS Japanese teacher and talented singer and violinist Noriko Yamanaka for presenting the welcome item for the conference: a selection of Japanese traditional songs.

These included Tanabata (Star Festival), Koinobori (Carp song), Tsuki (Moon viewing) and Furusato (Hometown), performed by a string quartet which included Airena Nakamura (Australian Opera & Ballet Principal second violin), her daughter Hanna and her son Jamie, and Fiona Lucas.