IGS 2023 Alum of Year announced: Congratulations Ben Gran

Congratulations to Ben Gran (Class of 2009) who is the winner of our 2023 Alum of the Year award.

Ben made his international mark when he gave a Ted Talk on improving health systems by reshaping, reforming and more cleverly utilising the skills of Nurses. To date Ben has had over one and a half million people listen to that Ted Talk and it has promoted discussion and some movement in an area that impacts on nearly every person on Earth.  That alone would make Ben a worthwhile recipient of Alum of the Year! 

Confirming Ben’s award, Director of Advancement Paul Galea said, “His attitude and approach to life embody the positivity and generosity of spirit that IGS espouses.  I thoroughly recommend you have a look at  the interview AND the Ted Talk in order to see the quality of person International Grammar School has produced.”

Congratulations to Ben, not only on this award, but also on being the person he is.