Class of 2003 Twenty Year Reunion

Members of the IGS community met to celebrate the 20 year reunion of the Class of 2003 on Sunday, September 22.

What a great event! The Alums loved the tour of the school, especially the Renaissance Centre and Bibliothèque. They ooohed and aaahed over the Global Learning Centre, the new Drama Spaces, DT Lane, the Year 6 area and the expanded Mountain Street Campus.

They loved opening the time capsule they made in 2003 and marvelled at what they’d put in there. There were diaries, letters, trinkets, cards and sports equipment in the trunk.

Former Principal, Kerrie Murphy made a surprise and very welcome visit. She was also very happy to see how the school has grown.

Other attendees were David Miller, former Preschool teacher Ann Kiehn and Alums Julia, Clea, Freya, Esin, Ella, Lil, Ilana, Zoe, Mia, Jenny, Anita, Olivia, Patrick, Jamie, Tanaka and Damon. This was a good turnout from a Year 12 class of about 50.

They loved catching up with each other over food and drinks at The Glebe Hotel. Some had not seen each other for 20 years!  Our reunions are always very happy events and it is really lovely to see what fine humans our Alums have turned out to be!