Harmony Day celebrated

IGS was awash in colours of hope and harmony as the School celebrated Harmony Day 2022.

Italian Teacher and Assistant Head of Junior School Languages Annamaria Ferragina said “Harmony Day at IGS is a special celebration of culture, respect and peace”.

“There are many opportunities for the Primary students to share their family stories, express their creativity and ask questions about different cultures. Dressing up in the colour orange or traditional dress is only part of the excitement,” Annamaria said.

“Each year the students participate in the Harmony Day poster competition and create some amazing artworks based on the theme using their second languages. In Language classes, students participate in a wide range of activities. All classes are working on a special, combined music project that will be completed next week.”

Chinese Teacher Linda Gu played colour games with her Kindergarten students, focusing on the question “What are the colours of Harmony Day?”

Year 1 Chinese students had fun playing a matching game using traditional clothes from a variety of cultures. The fun continued in Year 2 Chinese where the students played a Harmony Day running game.

Year 1 French Teacher Habiba Fallet led her students to complete a craft activity using their hands as models. The students decorated their paper hands with French Harmony Day vocabulary and vibrant colours.

Kindergarten Italian students brainstormed all things orange with some surprising ideas including orange fish and sunsets. They also decorated paper Harmony Day balloons. Year 4 Italian students worked carefully on Harmony Day globes, including personal reflections and decorative artwork.

Students of all ages enjoyed watching this video and discussing our motto, Unity Through Diversity and the day’s theme, Everyone belongs.