Grand designs for our Renaissance Centre

Construction of the much anticipated IGS Renaissance Centre is well under way in the Fusion Building on Mountain Street.

After completing remediation works to ensure the structural integrity, the building team are progressing with work to ensure the facilities, such as communications and power, are installed in a future-proof manner.

Soon an acoustic ceiling will be installed to allow for the space to be used without causing noise issues for other tenants in the building.

“We are essentially building a bubble. No sound in, and no sound out,” said Site Manager Graham Bowen. 

An acoustic flooring system will also ensure the space functions effectively for its many intended uses.

The Renaissance Centre will house a dance studio, seminar room and lecture theatre (with capacity for 122 seats and three wheelchair spaces) plus changerooms and offices.

Designed by architects BVN and built by Rohrig (the team responsible for recent IGS building projects such as the Bibliothèque, the Centre for the Dramatic Arts and the Year 6 Centre) the Centre is in keeping with the School’s strategic area of action “to reimagine and redesign the IGS campus”.

“We anticipate the delivery of the Renaissance Centre will enhance the School facilities and provide much needed additional space for our staff and students to flourish,” said IGS Head of Finance Hannes Roos. 

Thanks to support from our generous community, the Renaissance Centre has been partially funded by our 2022 Giving Day.

We look forward to sharing more progress soon and to seeing students enjoying this wonderful space.