Goodooga trip hits the airwaves

IGS Year 6 students visiting Goodooga have been interviewed by ABC radio.

ABC Western Plains radio presenter Nic Healey interviewed IGS students Marli, Alex and Angelique this week, as well as Connecting Communities Australia (CCA) Schools Walking Together Program CEO Glenn Price, who is leading the cultural exchange with Goodooga School, and IGS teacher Lucy Howard-Shibuya. 

Having First Nations perspectives a part of our education is just fundamentally crucial but the reality is the things we do out there are just fun as well,” said Lucy.

“And being out in the bush, they learn about the stars, they learn about catching yabbies and having a lot of fun in the fresh air.

“At IGS we are super proud of driving this program because we are allowing students and staff to see life through a different lens,” Lucy said.

“We’ve got a lot planned, a really exciting program with a lot of on County learning with our friends at Goodooga, Mindy Gibbs and the Yuwalaaraay community out there.

“The kids are super excited. They have a lot of immersion activities at the School.

“We are just thrilled to get them out on Country because that’s where we think it’s a great way for them to learn and just see life through a different lens and to have fun too.”

Marli said said he is looking forward to connecting with the Aboriginal community, spending time with the students and playing around with the kids.

Glenn added that this program is just the beginning. “It’s about the future, about bringing change, generational change. What these kids learn now will be reflected in the way they behave into the future,” he said.

“It’s fundamentally what we have aimed to achieve from an educational perspective,” Lucy added.

Lucy said she is looking forward to having the students from Goodooga visit IGS later in 2022.

“Hopefully when we get the Goodooga kids to us in Sydney they’ll get to do stuff they wouldn’t do there, and all the while forging these incredibly powerful friendships.”

Angelica told listeners it was is her first time visiting Goodooga.

“I’m so excited to just experience Aboriginal culture and be in a place completely different to Sydney. Here you experience a whole new world.”