From Natural Disasters to Onigiri Delight 

This term, our Year 6 Japanese students delved into the study of natural disasters, focusing on significant occurrences in Japan, such as earthquakes and typhoons. The students discovered that during major natural disasters, venues like school halls often transform into shelters where people may reside for weeks or even months. During this period, volunteers provide food, and one of the common meals offered to evacuees is onigiri, or rice balls, accompanied by pickles.

Acting Head of Primary School Languages Machiko Ohta, shared, “As many of our students had never tasted onigiri before, we decided to make some ourselves. Before the cooking experience, students sampled two types of pickles—takuwan (pickled radish) and umeboshi (pickled plum). While most students enjoyed takuwan, they were taken aback by the sour and salty flavor of umeboshi. The students had a great time making and eating onigiri.”

When asked about their thoughts on this immersive cultural experience, the students responded with,「おいしかったです。」(It was good) and「たのしかったです。」(It was fun).