Fly High with Chinese

Congratulations to our bronze medal Chinese speakers!

On Sunday 29 May, Stella Manos of Year 9 and Liv Rey Laaksonen of Year 10 represented IGS in the 15th Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition.

The competition, held on Zoom this year, included 18 students across Sydney and Newcastle schools.

They needed to complete a test on general knowledge of China and Chinese, present a speech with the title “Fly High with Chinese” and perform in a talent show.

After talking about the experience of learning Chinese in their speeches, Stella recited a beautiful Chinese poem and Liv sang a Chinese song. They both achieved the third prize in the competition. Congratulations!

After the nerve-racking competition, we enjoyed the performances by a Chinese Kung Fu master and a professional poem reciter.

It was a memorable morning full of language learning and fun.