Exchange program inspires younger learners

Our Primary School students have been experiencing "fantastic, authentic language experiences" thanks to our visiting exchange students.

Primary School classrooms have been inviting the High School exchange students into their lessons.

The Italian exchange students recently visited a Year 5 Beginner Italian class and participated in an enriching cooking class.

“What a wonderful incentive for our students to see what it would be like when they go to their target countries and experience the same thing when they are in Year 10. They were so excited, they were listening and tried to grab words here and there,” said Head of Languages Junior School Vilma Rotellini.

“What a wonderful morning we had in the Yr 5 beg Italian class! Giulia, Clara and Cesare exchange students from Rovereto joined us in a cooking activity. We made Le Ferratelle wafers (think waffles but thinner with lemon zest and at home spread with nutella) from the Abruzzo and Molise regions.”