Early offers roll in for IGS Class of 2022

Careers Advisor Amelia Phillips is thrilled to share a number of early offers made to our Class of 2022 students.


So far, our IGS students have received 39 offers from UTS, and offers from ANU, Macquarie University, ACU, University of Sydney and UOW.

“The number of early offers IGS students have received indicates their strong academic performance in the Preliminary HSC year, given that Year 11 results form the basis upon which early offers are made,” Amelia said. “Well done to these students who have achieved an early offer.”

Among them, James Walker received an early offer to study a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Communications degree (political and social sciences) at UTS.

“The career path I am interested in is to practise as a solicitor, with particular interest in Environmental and Employment Law,” James said.

“I was driven to law due to my passions for history and politics. In pursuing a legal career I hope to be able to make a lasting and positive impact on my surroundings.”

Congratulations also to Finn Barker-Tomkins who has received an early offer into ANU to  study Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

“It fits all my interests, and everything I’ve really enjoyed studying in high school, looking into the way that our modern system works and the influence that all these key factors have on each other, like the relationships between politics and economics, or like the philosophies behind the current systems of economics and governments around the world,” said Finn.

“It’s not a course offered at every university, but it’s gaining popularity, and ANU seemed like a great fit. It’s a top university, with a great campus, culture and central location in Canberra and having that independence and taking that big step to living outside of home and independently was something I was really interested in.

“I’m looking forward to making new friends and experiencing a new city, plus the quality of bike paths and transport without a car in Canberra was something that appealed to me.

Finn said he is interested in careers to do with economics and international relations, or Law “and combining my current degree with Law to become a lawyer, maybe specialising in diplomatic relationships”.

“I don’t have an exact career locked in as the future goal, so I figured that studying a course with broad outcomes that encompassed all of my interests would mean that no matter what decision I came to in three or five years time, I’d have job opportunities available that I’d be interested in and passionate about.”

Congratulations also to Amelia Maresh who has received offers of early entry into both UTS and Sydney University.

“I received an early offer for a Bachelor of Visual Arts full or part-time at SU. I also received an early offer for UTS for the same degree.

“I am interested in pursuing art in furthering my education. I think it’s important to follow what you enjoy which is why I’m choosing to continue with art.”