Dreaming in Japanese

Year 6 students have learnt how to share their wishes in Japanese class.

The new year is a good time to dream, which is exactly why Japanese Language Teacher Machiko Ohta asked her Year 6 Japanese students to create Ema in class this week.

Ema are small wooden plaques used to make a wish, traditionally found in shrines and temples in Japan.

“People in Japan write wishes on them, especially when they have their first visit of the year to a shrine or
temple,” explains Machiko Sensei. 

Year 6 students shared their wishes in Japanese class, writing their wishes on ema and draw a picture of rabbit on the back, which is a zodiac sign in 2023.

“Some wished to be able to speak Japanese fluently and some wished to memorise 100 Kanji scripts,” noted the proud teacher. 

“I hope their wishes will come true!”