Doll’s festival brings smiles

One of the great things about learning about other languages and cultures is the opportunity to celebrate extra festivals.

Kindergarten students of Japanese have been learning about Hinamatsuri, also known as Doll’s festival or Girl’s festival, celebrated on 3 March in Japan.

The students have enjoyed the special colourful sweets Japanese people eat on Hinamatsuri. They have been sharing their favourite food by repeating a phrase “sukidesu”.

Acknowledging this special day, the students engaged in a craft activity using origami paper to make their own Hinaningyo (dolls).

Students carefully requested their origami paper in Japanese saying “ao o kudasai.” (Can I please have a blue one?), “aka o kudasai.” (Can I please have a red one?), “murasaki o kudasai.” (Can I please have a purple one?) etc.

Happy Doll’s Day!