Developing excellence in problem solving

Year 7 students participated in an exciting and challenging Mathematics incursion with a team from Inquisitive Minds.

“Students were provided with an enriched learning environment, developing skills in critical and creative thinking, problem solving and collaboration, along with dispositions of curiosity and perseverance,” said Assistant Head of Mathematics Lisa Lin.

“Students were forced to think outside the box with a myriad of hands-on problems and allowed for them to build upon their problem-solving strategies, including logical reasoning, making a pattern, drawing a diagram and making a list.

“Students of all ability had an opportunity to participate, learning from their peers, the Inquisitive Minds team and also Years 11 and 12 students including STEM leader Jack Mahemoff.”

Claudine said: “It felt very rewarding being able to solve a problem.”  

Mohan said: “It encouraged me to work with a partner and collaborate through tough questions. It is challenging even for the smartest of students.” 

Max said: “I liked the different math problems and the energy in the room.”