Developing a community vision for Wentworth Park

IGS students have spoken out on the future of Wentworth Park, thanks to the opportunity to participate in the City of Sydney's planning process.

The NSW Government has committed to relocating the greyhound track through the Pyrmont Peninsula Place Strategy in order to create one large, unified park.

The City of Sydney is creating a community vision for a consolidated future park when the greyhound racing is relocated and the entire park is handed to the City to manage.

IGS students were invited to participate in the consultation on Wednesday of Week 8.

Leonie Hancock of City of Sydney’s Engagement Department said she was looking forward to finding out what the community wants for Wentworth Park.

“The voice of young people in this process is super important. The decisions being made now will change the park for the future and that is going to affect you guys and it seems only fair that you have a say,” Leonie said.

Students were asked to explain what they used the park for currently and what they like most about it, before getting the chance to design their own vision to help the City imagine a future, consolidated park.

“As a school, we use it as a place where we can take our children to experience the greenery,” IGS Deputy Principal Wellbeing Mary Duma said.

“That’s our community and we do that daily. We take students there for sport, gatherings, they go for lunch and it’s a lovely space to just be there with their friends in the greenery.” 

See what some of the students had the say below:

Gemma: “We walk the dogs there, its a really nice place to be.”

Nathan: “We use it for carnivals and Colour Runs. For our School, it brings a sense of community and it’s special to be a part of.”

Sammy: “I use it for sport for PDHPE. It’s really important for us for the sport aspect. Wentworth Park is our oval, its where we can run around, play sport and be active.”

Aliyah: “I use it for lunches and school sport. Out of school, I use it to just have fun and run around on the grass.”

We thank the City of Sydney for inviting IGS students to participate in this consultation process.

The City of Sydney will use students feedback to create a draft plan for the site, which will be available later in 2022 for further community feedback.