Class of 2013 celebrates Ten Year Reunion

Director of Advancement Paul Galea reports from the celebration.

The International Grammar School Class of 2013 held a ten year reunion on Saturday, 19 August.  The reunion started with a tour of the school. There were many ‘oohs‘ and ‘aahs’ as these young people walked around their old school. They were particularly impressed with the Bibliothèque, the second floor deck, the booths on the second floor as well as the Global Learning Centre in the Kerrie Murphy building. They also could not believe how much the School’s Mountain Street campus had expanded. Seeing the dance barres through the window of the dance studio also made them very excited.

Hanako: “The reunion gave me a new lease on life; so refreshing. So many people I didn’t know I needed to see.”

The 20-odd Alums on the tour then made their way to the Glebe Hotel, where they met another 20 or so of their old school mates as well as current and former teachers.

Manet: “It was very fun and quite wholesome. I’m so glad we went!“

Over a few drinks and finger foods, they caught up with their old friends and teachers. Connections were re-forged, there were plenty of laughs and plenty of stories told and there was a real sense of community.

Jess: “Myself and a few friends attended the 10 year reunion with some apprehension, mainly because we couldn’t believe we were old enough to have finished 10 years ago. But it was a blast! So lovely to catch up with old friends and feel like no time had passed. Everyone’s ageing like the fine wine we drank till 4am, and there’s already talks of another catch up soon!”

Nina: “It was great to all be in a room together to reminisce on the past and reignite old friendships. I loved seeing everyone and hearing about the journeys they’ve been on over the last 10 years.”

Alex T: “The venue was perfect and it was amazing to have some teachers attend.”

Despite having now been to quite a lot of these reunions, it never ceases to amaze me how affirming it is to see what fine human beings these Alums have become. Their beliefs in social justice, inclusivity and the importance of community shone brightly and made this ‘old fella’ feel pretty proud!