CDSSA Athletics carnival report

From Max Nemlich (Year 8) and The IGS Telegraph

For those who don’t know, the Combined Districts Secondary Sports Association (CDSSA) is a large competition hosted via a bunch of different events throughout the year. Thursday, we had one of the biggest, in the form of the CDSSA Athletics Carnival, where some of our best athletes from the previous carnival competed with the likes of Reddam House, McDonald College, Pittwater House, and many others.

It reminded a lot of our own competitors of the previous Athletics Carnival, being in the same place with the same events, but the standards were noticeably higher. After all, it is quite a feat to get into the CDSSA, so you may as well keep going!

There were many new friends made, whether it was while standing in lines for the javelin event or people chatting in the stands. Despite everything, it continued to be a large community event, and all seven schools had established some new relations by the end. 

Some students throughout the different schools had well over five events to sort out, and there were truly a lot of incredible achievements. Everyone excelled at their events, and there may even be some people that move on to the Association of Independent Co-Educational Schools (AICES) competition! Stay tuned for that!

Enjoy the gallery.