Casper and Owen STEP up

Our students share their experience participating in the Seniors and Teens Empathy Program at Annandale Grove Care Community.

Developing altruism in our Primary and Middle School students is an important goal in our Strategic Plan Into the World 2022-2026.

Building upon the Year 9 Connect Program, which includes volunteering with Not-for-Profit organisations and causes, our students are encouraged to explore different ways they can learn more about the experiences of others and give back to the community.

In the video below, High School students Casper and Owen talk about taking part in the Seniors and Teens Empathy Program (STEP) run by Heart and Soul Story at Annandale Grove Care Community.

“Doing this program broke down stereotypes if elderly people. In reality they’re just people that have just gone through a lot more life than we have and have so many more experiences than we have, and have a lot of lessons to teach,” reflected Casper. 

“It’s super valuable to listen to their experiences and you find that you can integrate a lot of that into your own life,” he concluded, before adding, “it was a very very cool experience”.  

Heart and Soul Story has been designing and facilitating intergenerational connection programs and initiatives since 2017.  These programs connect youth with their elders through the sharing of stories and promote better mental health and wellbeing in both groups. 

The program’s aims include fostering empathy, regaining a sense of community, increasing resilience and well-being and helping encourage inspired and soulful lives across generations. Our thanks to Heart and Soul Story for collaborating with IGS.

We are proud of our students for being such thoughtful, caring and articulate young people.