Building a culture of singing at IGS

IGS Director of Music Darren Kuilenburg led teaching and support colleagues in glorious song ahead of Term 4.

“When we sing, endorphins are released into our brain, making us feel good, matched with the power to affect our mood,” Mr Kuilenburg said.

“Research states that ‘group singing can result in an increase in both positive affect, feelings of inclusion and social connection.”

Deputy Principal Mary Duma urged staff learn through song, verse, stories and reflection throughout the day.

“I urge you to leave today feeling more powerful in our acknowledgment of each other and the history of this free and wonderful land that we call our home.

“Together we have power to make a positive impact on the School and the wider community.

“So let’s start together in song.”

In support of socio-emotional learning (SEL), the Professional Learning Day involved all staff in an interactive music session designed to develop awareness of self and others through a collaborative music experience that fosters self-confidence, builds relationships, and develops a deep connection to community.

Many IGS students will learn the same song, Funga Alafia, during Term 4, which roughly translates:

With my thoughts, I welcome you.
With my words, I welcome you.
With my heart I welcome you.
See, I have nothing up my sleeve.

Darren also shared the quote:

‘If I cannot fly, let me sing.’ Stephen Sondheim