From the Principal

At the close of another academic year, I am pleased to share with you the final edition of InFocus for 2023. Each edition is but a small window into the many enriching experiences that define our School community, including moments of profound learning, acts of kindness, outstanding performances, immersive experiences, international connections, and dynamic activities.

As we bid farewell to a year filled with warmth, connection, and remarkable progress, I reflect on the productive and celebratory spirit that characterises our School. From a high octane beginning with Luna Fest to the life changing experiences of SAGE, and culminating in today’s Picnic Day celebrations, our community has truly flourished and grown together.

Significantly, we saw the completion of the Renaissance Centre, a beautiful learning space and academic lecture theatre that enhances the educational experience of our students. Additionally, our students have had their first opportunity to spend a day at The Retreat in Kangaroo Valley this year – learning on the ancestral lands of the Wodi Wodi people and experiencing the peace and beauty of this special place.

I look forward to welcoming the families of Years 3 to Year 12 prizewinners and students at Speech Night at the State Theatre on Monday evening at 7pm. This event will see us farewell the exemplary Class of 2023. However, this is not goodbye. They now become deeply valued members of our global Alum community.

To our wonderful students, dedicated teachers, support staff, incredible PTF, IGS families and the broader School community, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for the collective achievements of this special year. Now, the rejuvenation and joy of the holiday season brings a fitting conclusion to a year dedicated to striving  and flourishing!

As we enter the summer break, I wish for each of you precious moments with family and friends, finding time for rest, reading and personal renewal. We have so much in store for our upcoming 40th Anniversary, a year-long birthday festival as we honour the past, treasure the present and shape the future.

I look forward to celebrating with you!

Kind regards,

Shauna Colnan