A Morning of Joy and Recognition

From inspiring exchange student stories to our heartfelt School Anthem sing-along, last week’s High School Assembly was filled with joy and recognition.

Music leader Emma and fellow Year 12 students, Darcy, Caitlin and Lucinda performed ‘Just the Way You Are’ by Bruno Mars. Students sang along and had a great time.

2024 Language Leader Sofia Ninkovic was invited to the stage to introduce the students who went on language exchange the past summer. “I was nervous to do it justice, considering the gravity of what the exchange program meant to me. The truth is, it’s an extremely transformative and uniquely immersive experience, one where there aren’t enough words to explain it,” shares Sofia.

Exchange students showed their peers how much the exchange meant to them by sharing videos, photos and short overviews of their experiences. It was great to hear our students share details of such an inspiring opportunity! Last year, IGS had a record breaking number of 50 applicants for our 2024 exchange. Gratitude was expressed to Ms Caitlin Maruno, Dr Hiroko Yamaguchi and Mrs Mary Duma for organising the exchange.

Some students were unable to receive their Speech Night prizes while they were away, so they were invited on stage to be acknowledged for their efforts. IGS congratulates all the award recipients!

High School
Wyatt Wood (Year 7 2023) First in History
Kaden Chu (Year 8 2023) First in Chinese
Alma Noble (Year 8 2023) First in Visual Arts
Georgina Miller (Year 10 2023) Principal’s Outstanding Effort Prize
William Young (Year 10 2023) First in French
Evan Zhou (Year 10 2023) First in Commerce
Greta Gaertner (Year 10 2023) First in Year 11 German Continuers (Accelerated)
Isabel Ashe (Year 11 2023) Principal’s Outstanding Effort Prize

Effort Prize
Kie Vu (Year 11 2023) First in Mathematics Extension, First in Year 11 Physics, Academic Award

Sports Awards
Blake Hobbs (Year 6 2023) ASISSA Representative Football
Lucas Kung (Year 10 2023) Junior Basketball Award
Louisa Price (Year 10 2023) Senior Football Award Senior Cross Country Award
Emilia Williams (Year 10 2023) Cross Country Award, High School Sportsperson of the Year

ADF Awards
Matilda Randall – Teamwork and Leadership
Maya Isbister – Future Innovators

To conclude the Assembly, everyone sang the School Anthem, their voices resonating, symbolising the spirit of camaraderie and unity that defines our School community.