A creative culmination

Students, parents and staff came together to celebrate the IGS Creative Arts Showcase in Week 5.

“This week saw the final creative culmination of the Art and Design HSC courses,” said Director of Art and Design Drew Bickford.

“Year 12 students who completed the Visual Arts, Textiles and Design and Design and Technology courses, celebrated their achievements with a spectacular Showcase on Monday evening.”

An exhibition of more than 40 bodies of work was displayed in the IGS Hall, with students, staff, parents and the broader IGS community admiring the impressive creative works. 

“Many of the students worked across a number of creative fields and the level of technical skill was matched by the diversity of their visual research,” said Drew.

“Textile works included formal garments, streetwear and immensely detailed knits and embroidery. Similarly the Design and Technology projects were exploratory innovations in engineering, clothing design and furniture.

“The Visual Arts cohort experimented across an enormous spectrum of expressive forms, producing paintings, drawings, sculpture and films that showcased extraordinary skill and imagination,” 

“All of the Art and Design HSC students should be very proud of their achievements. I would like to thank the dedicated teachers who worked alongside the students, Ms Sandra Veljanovski and Ms Lana Casey, with the technical assistance of Laura Vail.”

Congratulations to all.