2023 Student Leaders’ Celebration

Farewell and thank you to our 2023 Student Leaders

As our 2023 High School Student Leaders prepare to leave our School, a recent assembly provided the opportunity for them to celebrate the conclusion of their time as Leaders in a vibrant showcase. We recognise the importance of nurturing an environment where our students can have fun and thrive and, after a break during the Covid years, the reestablishment of this IGS tradition celebrating was warmly welcomed. 

The assembly commenced with a dance competition and moved on to a karaoke face off between the leaders and teachers and finished with a fun trivia competition designed to see “who had been paying attention” during the past year. It was great to see our Student Leaders on-stage leading the joyous assembly and also to our staff members who graced the stage with admirable performances.

Thank you to our outgoing Portfolio Leaders Sophie Cotton (Sport), Ruari Foster (Sustainability), Henry Egan (Music), Annabel Johnson (Drama), Katelyn Clarke (STEM), Eve Moss-Ratcliffe (Bibliothèque), Charlotte Waley (Languages), Jordan Aguilera-Mendoza (Art and Design), Samuel Lightfoot (SRC), and our House Leaders Lola Merten and Nell Brennan (Baado), Alexander Johnson and Jonathan Riesel (Bamal), Iris Hancock and Edward Butler (Gura), and Ava Wilkin and Oscar Brown (Kuyal).

Enjoy the gallery!