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Primordial Hum

Composer-in-residence Marjery Smith with the Year 8 impro team

Primordial Hum was a rich aural and visual experience grown from a significant collaboration between Year 8 Music, Year 9 and 10 Visual Arts and a variety of interested technologists including Marjery Smith, IGS composer in residence.

Their creations were interpretations of tribal body adornment with significant cultural reference to the New Guinea Asaro Mudmen. The “happening” was the inaugural exhibition of technology driven access to content because the soundscapes were only able to be heard via Augmented Reality using a smart device.

We provided a bank of iPads for the guests however many participants came “app ready” and simply immersed themselves from their point of entry.

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In June, Melissa Silk collaborated with UTS’s Kathryn Hunyor and Kimberley Pressick-Kilborn and IGS’s Languages and Maths departments to run a special Tanabata day. The day saw traditional Japanese crafts (origami, kyrigami) meld with maths and design.

UTS Master in Education students and our own Year 11 Maths accelerants helped the Primary School participants with the tasks.

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