Early Learning

Early Learning draws upon a mix of theories and philosophies in early childhood education to provide new and exciting opportunities for developmental play and in-depth learning. 

Early Learning at IGS integrates time for play.

We believe play is an integral part of learning in the Preschool

Preschool and Transition

The School recognises that the early learning years (preschool and transition) are a crucial period in every child’s life. Our program includes language and music lessons along with time for play, as we firmly believe that the early learning experience should be fun.

We also believe children learn best through hands-on exploration. The many activities our children enjoy each day contribute to their emotional, social, physical and cognitive development, and provide the essential building blocks for pre-reading, writing and numeracy acquisition skills.

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Upon entering the exciting domain of Early Learning, each child becomes an active discoverer of the surrounding world. One of the most important ways children make sense of their social worlds is through play with others. They have strong ideas and theories about their world and seek to acquire new skills and knowledge in meaningful social relationships.

Each child is an active discoverer in the Early Learning environment

Children are recognised for their many skills and abilities

We want to create fabulous early childhood memories!

Our program focuses on open-ended, child-directed learning, with the knowledge that children and educators learn alongside one another. We want to create fabulous early childhood memories with activities that stimulate imagination, creativity, decision making and problem solving. Learning from investigations is powerful; it is through play that children internalise concepts and learn to share, cooperate and communicate with each other.

Our staff

Early Learning employs qualified and experienced educators with a background in early childhood education. Our early childhood teachers are supported by assistants. All staffing ratios meet the licensing requirements from the Department of Education and Community Services.

Our classes

We currently have four classes: two Preschool (3 year olds) and two Transition (4 year olds). Each class has 29 children per day. Children can attend for two, three or five days. Two-day placements are Monday/Tuesday and three-day placements are Wednesday/Thursday/Friday.

Early Learning hours are from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Before School Care is available from 7:30am onwards, and After School Care until 6:00pm. Care is also available during vacation periods from 7:30am to 6:00pm.

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