Indigenous education at IGS

A mutually beneficial program

All IGS students are enriched by our broad Indigenous education program.

A mutually beneficial Indigenous Scholarship Program

At IGS, in keeping with our Unity Through Diversity motto, we warmly acknowledge Australia’s first people and offer our respect to their descendants.

Through the unique IGS Indigenous Scholarship Program, introduced in 2003, we welcome two Indigenous Kindergarten students on scholarship each year to be educated to Year 12. Five scholars have graduated in recent years, and a sixth has joined an elite sports training program. 

At any one time, IGS hosts about 20 Indigenous scholars. This mutually beneficial arrangement enriches non-Indigenous students’ understanding and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and culture.

These students and their families provide insights into the heritage of Australia’s first people and one of the oldest continuous Indigenous cultures in the world, with living links to the Gadigal land on which IGS stands, but throughout Australia as a whole.

Acknowledging Country

In recent years, acknowledgements of Gadigal country in language at Speech Night have broadened to be included at assemblies and staff meetings and are encouraged to be used by the school community in all aspects of school life.