The School Song


by Ross Edwards, AM

Part One
Unity, Unity
Unity, diversity, diversity
Unidad, diversidad, diversidad
Unidad, diversidad, diversidad
La diversité, la diversité, la diversité.
Enotita poly morphia, enotita poly morphia
Unity, chorwa, diversity, chorwa
Unidad, diversidad, henka henka, henka henka
Unidad, diversidad, henka henka, henka henka
Einigkeit vielfalt, einigkeit vielfalt, einigkeit
L’unité, la diversité

Part Two
Unita, Unita, Unita, diversita
Unidad, diversidad, l’unité
Unidad, diversidad, l’unité
L’unité, la diversité, la diversité
Enotita poly morphia
Enotita, l’unité
Unita, chorwa, diversita
Henka henka, henka henka
Unidad, diversidad, l’unité, henka henka
Unidad, diversidad, l’unité
Einigkeit, vielfalt, einigkeit, vielfalt,
Einigkeit L’unité.

The School Anthem


by Paul Jarman

Among these streets, through these gates, within these walls
Every door opens to the world
United through diversity, we celebrate the differences
That set us apart, yet make us one

Up and down these stairs, twists and turns and corridors
Every smile keeps this place alive
Where non-conformists thrive, not frightened by the challenge of life
Together we climb with an open mind

Because in here our journey empowers us
To explore our gifts, find our voice, who we really are
And you’ll be there beside us as we grow into this world

Together, united through diversity
Embrace this world and our best we will become
We’ll go and face this world head strong
For we’ll know that we belong, part of this world
This is our time

On Gadigal Land, the beating heart of Ultimo
We are here through the sacrifice of those who came before
To make a school out of nothing but a dream
Takes a great community and a vision rare

Now look at all we can achieve
With the values that we live and breathe
And all the languages we learn
And at the heart of who we are and what we do
Will be our kindness, that’s I.G.S