The Indigenous Scholarship Program

Each year, IGS provides scholarships for Indigenous young people. We are proud of our commitment to their future.

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The Indigenous Scholarship Program

Located on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, IGS has a long and proud tradition of educating young Indigenous Australians.

The School’s Indigenous Scholarship program, which began in 2003, recognises the promise of our values and the responsibility our heritage requires of us to create a unique scholarship program — to provide access to an IGS education for young Indigenous Australians while sharing this rich and beautiful culture with all of our students.

I would definitely say that IGS has helped shape the person I am today. IGS has taught me to appreciate adversity and to value and respect different cultures and perspectives. My teachers have encouraged me, empowered me and equipped me with one of the most powerful tools in life – education.


IGS Alum Indigenous Scholar & Head Girl 2018

People often think that the benefits of scholarships are one-way, flowing only in the direction of the participants. The truth is that the whole community is enriched by the presence of our Indigenous Scholarship students.

Shauna Colnan